Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's Time to Fess Up

Well, I have done absolutely horrible this week! We had two "food" days at work this week and I have been so busy running all over the place that I did not get to walk which made me feel terrible. I know these are all excuses and that I did not have to give in so easily. Is there really such a thing as willpower? Why is it so much easier to give in than to stay on track? Oh well, I may never know the answers to those questions, but I am looking forward to getting back on track this week because I feel so much better when I do something "good" for me. I did weigh in on Thursday and I'd rather not say, if you get my drift. I'll do better this Thursday!!! Have a healthy day:)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Let's Get Started

Well this week has been a good starting point so far as to becoming more healthy. I started walking and I am already starting to feel better after just three days. Did I want to get off my butt and start? No! I am glad I did. I left the dishes in the sink and my messy house to enjoy nature and stretch my legs. It didn't kill me, my heart palpitated a little and I got out of breath and thought my legs were going to fall off before I got back home, but that was just the first day. It has gotten a little bit easier and I have been pushing myself to go a little farther everyday.
I have adjusted my eating a little bit, no major renovations yet. I am trying to get my bearings and not take on too much too soon. I do think I will start trying to adjust my eating more this weekend. I will give you the run down as I start, so we can see if it works. I will try to post pictures later, so hopefully I can have those famous "before" and "after" pictures. I did get a nice surprise this morning, I stepped on the scale and I did not weigh as much as I thought I did, that is always a good way to start. I will not post my weight, but I will tell you that I need to lose 60 lbs, so I will just post pounds lost every week or not and I will weigh in every Thursday morning. I hope to change my blog background soon, I am working on it and it is being stubborn. I hope if anyone is reading that this blog might encourage someone to start their own journey whether by an "accountability blog" or just in their own way. I am just getting started so we can start together. Have a Healthy day:)